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Why Doesn’t Your Lower Denture Stay in Place?

June 15, 2023

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You might assume lower dentures are the most secure kind. After all, can’t they rely on gravity to simply stay in place? In truth, though, loose lower dentures are more common than you’d think. Such prosthetics tend to unstick over time and when used often. Luckily, your Palm Bay dentist knows a few ways to keep them steady. Read on, then, to learn why lower dentures don’t always stay still and some tips on securing them.

Why Won’t Lower Dentures Stay Still?

Contrary to what you’d imagine, lower dentures have a reputation for looseness. They don’t get to adhere to a large area of stationary anatomy. As a result, the restorations can loosen from:

A Negative Ridge

If you’re lucky, your jaw might have the bone height and width to secure a lower denture. Security is even more likely if your lower ridge has a U-shape.

All that said, sometimes luck isn’t on your side. Your lower jaw may have greatly eroded instead. In that case, there’d be too little jawbone to support a denture. You’d thus have a flat or negative ridge.

Non-aligned Denture Teeth

Generally, lower dentures are designed to ensure stability and functionality. This design ensures the prosthetics only need (at most) a smidge of adhesive for extra security.

Unfortunately, a patient may want denture teeth in front of the ridge. (The idea is that this approach makes lips look fuller.) That sort of alteration, though, comes at the cost of function. You wouldn’t be able to speak or eat without the denture moving.

Tips for Keeping Lower Dentures Secure

Despite their reputation, lower dentures can be made more secure. It’s just a matter of following the right practices. For example, try using the tips listed below:

  • Practice Constantly – Given enough effort, you can train your face and tongue to adjust to dentures. However, this regimen requires changing your eating and speaking habits accordingly.
  • Apply Denture Adhesive – Even if you don’t like them, denture adhesives can keep a bottom denture stable. All you’d need is roughly three small dots’ worth. Still, remember that an adhesive can’t help a poorly-shaped or ill-fitting denture.
  • Try Implant Dentures – By using dental implants, it’s pretty easy to keep lower dentures in place. The posts would fuse with your jaw and ensure the connected restorations don’t move.

As you can see, loose lower dentures don’t have to mean a failed treatment. You can quickly correct the problem with tips like those above!

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