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Get the orthodontic correction you need from Dr. Christopher Nowacki

Palm Bay Orthodontics Young Man smilingHave you ever been told that you would benefit from orthodontic treatment? Our Palm Bay practice regularly provides orthodontic therapy to patients in need. Both adults and children can effectively fix their teeth and enjoy a lovely, straight smile. If you have questions about your orthodontic needs, we can schedule a complimentary consultation.

If we notice alignment problems during a general dentistry appointment, we’ll let you know right away! Dr. Nowacki will want to address bite complications as soon as possible. Orthodontic problems, if left untreated, may contribute to tooth decay, gum disease, and TMJ joint problems.

Traditional braces are a reliable way to produce effective results. We try to complete orthodontic work within six months or less for adult cases. However, some individuals may require a longer treatment plan. You’ll be able to discuss the details of your orthodontic process with our team at any time.

Treatment plans are tailored to meet the needs of each patient. Our office provides a great and convenient way to address your whole family’s orthodontic needs.

Please contact our office today if you would like to make an appointment. Dr. Christopher Nowacki uses orthodontics to help the smiles of patients from Palm Bay, Vero Beach, Sebastian, Melbourne, and nearby Florida cities.

Straighten Your Smile Discretely with ClearCorrect!

Woman fitting ClearCorrect alignersMany adults have smiles that could benefit from orthodontic systems, but nobody wants to relive the awkward phase of their youth. Dr. Nowacki offers an alternative to metal braces for patients who wish to achieve a stunning smile. ClearCorrect can produce the same results as traditional braces without the embarrassment! If you would like to learn more about how this revolutionary method can improve your teeth, please call our office today to arrange a consultation.

ClearCorrect is an orthodontic system that uses a series of customized, clear plastic aligning trays. Each is worn every day and night during the treatment period and is only taken out to eat, brush, and floss. It’s important to wear the ClearCorrect trays during sleep because it prevents teeth from shifting out of their proper place. The main benefit of ClearCorrect is that the strong plastic is virtually invisible when being worn, meaning that you’ll be improving your smile with no one being the wiser!

After two weeks or so, you simply upgrade to the next ClearCorrect tray. Periodically, you’ll return to our office so that your progress can be monitored by our friendly dental team. We want to make sure that you’re responding to the system as expected. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about ClearCorrect during or outside of an appointment.

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Please call us today if you would like to schedule your ClearCorrect consultation. Dr. Christopher Nowacki is happy to see patients from Melbourne, Sebastian, Vero Beach, and the surrounding Florida cities at their Palm Bay practice.

Orthodontics Frequently Asked Questions

Woman holding ClearCorrect tray

Before beginning a time consuming, costly orthodontic treatment plan, we know you’ll have plenty of questions. The Beautiful You Dental team is always happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions during your orthodontic consultation with Christopher Nowacki, DMD and his caring Palm Bay dentistry team. If you think of something before or after your visit, you are welcome to give our knowledgeable dental team a call. We’re here to help whenever patients need us most. On this page, you can also find the answers to many of the orthodontics questions we hear most often. Dr. Nowacki and his team look forward to helping you get a healthy, beautiful, perfectly aligned smile.

Man looking at flawless smile

How do Braces Work?

Traditional braces use brackets and wires to shift teeth into proper alignment. The brackets are attached to the fronts of teeth. Wires run through the brackets, and they are adjusted to place pressure to move teeth into the ideal position.

Woman considering clear aligner and traditional braces

Do Braces Have to be Made from Metal?

Not at all. Traditional braces are available in a variety of metals, ceramics, and plastics. We can create clear and tooth-colored braces that blend flawlessly into your natural smile line. In addition to creating a subtler appearance, ceramic braces are also a better option for patients who have metal allergies or sensitivities.

Preteen boy with braces

Should I Consider ClearCorrect Braces?

We always encourage our patients to take the time to consider their treatment options before beginning any dentistry plan. Some reasons patients choose to move forward with ClearCorrect alignment tray treatment include:

  • Being too busy for the frequent orthodontist visits necessary for traditional bracket and wire braces.
  • Having an allergy or sensitivity to metal that make traditional braces unsafe.
  • Wanting to straighten teeth without adversely affecting the appearance of your smile.
  • Struggling to brush and floss effectively, which can be even more difficult for patients with braces.

What are the benefits of ClearCorrect Orthodontics?

Some of the many benefits associated with ClearCorrect orthodontics include:

  • Increased comfort without brackets and wires to irritate soft tissue.
  • Improved safety for patients with allergies or sensitivities to metal.
  • Shortened treatment time compared with other types of braces.
  • Minimized hassle with removable orthodontic aligners, so you can eat the same diet and brush and floss as usual.

Do I Have to straighten My Teeth?

You don’t have to complete any dental services, but there are many benefits to straightening your teeth, including:

  • Improved oral health – patients with straighter teeth are less likely to experience tooth chips and cracks due to uneven pressure on the bit. They are also easier to clean, meaning patients’ risks for any other oral health concerns decreases.
  • Look & feel great – patients with straighter smiles also look great, and they have increased confidence when sharing their smiles in personal and professional situations.
  • Better function – properly aligned smiles function effortlessly, so patients don’t have to worry about damaging their teeth, straining their jaw joints, or any other issues that can occur due to improperly aligned teeth.

Am I too Old to Straighten My Smile?

Never. Our team is happy to help patients of all ages achieve a flawless, perfectly aligned smile no matter what their age. Please don’t hesitate to ask us about our orthodontic options.

Will Orthodontic Care Help My TMJ Dysfunction?

It might. For many patients, a malpositioned bite places excessive pressure on the small TMJ that connect the jaw to the skull bone. This leads to painful or impeded movement, making smiling, speaking, or chewing difficult. By correcting the alignment of the bite, excessive pressure is removed from the TMJ, and you can fully restore healthy, pain free jaw movement.