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Advanced Technology

Young girl smiling at dentistTechnological innovations are changing the way we complete even the most mundane daily tasks including things as simple as ordering take out with a phone app rather than using that phone to the call the restaurant. At Beautiful You Dental, we use all the latest technologies to make a dental diagnosis, treatment planning, and even the most advanced procedures more effective and comfortable. If you’d like to find out more, call our Palm Bay dentistry team to schedule an appointment today.

dentist looking at photos of patient's mouth

Intraoral Camera

Our investment in an intraoral camera has had a profound impact on the way we interact with our dental patients. Rather than describing what we can see or try to show them using handheld mirrors, we can take a high-definition image of any damaged, decayed, or malformed areas. These crystal clear digital images can then be viewed by our patient on a chairside computer monitor. We’re able to enlarge and enhance the images to ensure patients completely understand what the oral health concern is and how we can repair and restore their smile. Intraoral photography is now an integral part of the treatment planning and patient education experience in our office. Patients see exactly what areas we’re concerned about, and they can feel more confident in the results possible with each of their treatment options. It’s always been our belief that the best patient is an educated patient, and intraoral cameras help us to provide patients with a complete understanding of the dental health.

Patient and dentist looking at x-rays

Digital X-Rays

What intraoral photography has done for the visible parts of the smile, digital x-rays allow us to do for the interior layers of the tooth and those parts of the tooth not visible above the gum line. These x-rays are very similar to the traditional film variety. However, they capture clearer images more quickly. That is important because it exposes patients to less radiation, and gives us the ability to more definitively diagnose dental concerns and plan treatment. Just like digital images, these x-ray scans are immediately visible on our chairside computer monitors.

When we capture x-rays for treatment planning, we can enlarge and color code them to help patients better understand areas of concern and potential treatment options. Diagnostic x-rays are easily stored between appointments, and we can compare them to previous scans to allow for earlier diagnosis. Digital x-rays can also shorten treatment times as they can be immediately accessed by dental labs, specialist practices, and insurance providers as necessary.

Woman smiling in dental chair

Cavity Detection System

Tooth decay, often referred to simply as cavities, are the most common oral health concern facing even those patients with the most diligent oral hygiene routines. Traditionally, we used x-rays and manual checks to find any weakened areas of tooth enamel. The Caries View early cavity detection system allows us to more precisely pinpoint areas of decay in the earliest possible stages, preventing additional damage and decay. The diagnostic tool can even help patients improve their at-home care routines by disclosing the areas where their teeth are most likely to decay.